We help you to know better other users

Verified Identity

Each professional can sign up to Air for B through a Facebook account, Google, LinkedIn or with an email address.

The company's SIRET / DUNS / ACN number is a mandatory field in the fill in of the user profile.

View and share reviews on members

All reviews are left by users of Air for B. In order to better inform future users about the rented goods or spaces. Thus we ask you to leave an evaluation after each rental.

These information allow members to obtain details about a professional or a good so be sure to consult them before any rental.
You will find the comments in the space "Your evaluations", a notice can be modified until the owner or the user has completed his.

Contact others with our secure messaging service

You can contact a member through our secure messaging system, which will allows you to request information about a workspace, a good or to settle the details related to a booking.