Earn money with Air for B

For a day or several months you can now earn money with your unused workspaces.

To earn money with your spaces!

Are you the owner of work or reception areas that can accommodate professionals or individuals, and want to increase or earn new revenues?

Professionals and individuals need your spaces for short periods and therefore do not want to sign precarious leases or 3/6/9.

The site AirforB.com allows to connect the owners of these spaces with the professionals or individuals wanting to use these spaces.

Whether for a day or several months you can now with AirforB.com make money by offering your unused spaces as services to these professionals or individuals!

Who can book ?

The AirforB.com site has been designed so that professionals with a number SIRET or Duns and individuals can book.

The site is multilingual because our desire is to allow all professionals and individuals to reserve a workspace worldwide. Your ads are automatically translated in the browser's language!

You choose who can book your space, thanks to the option "check before booking", each reservation request will be submitted for your approval before being validated.

However you can choose an automatic booking.

What kind of space are concerned?

Two families of goods or workspaces are present on AirforB.com.

Spaces on Earth: offices, coworking spaces, meeting rooms, ephemeral stores, conference and seminar rooms, warehouses and shooting locations.

Spaces on Water: Yachts.

If you do not have a section, you can put your space in unusual places!

Create your ads for free!

Registration on AirforB.com is free, creating ads too!

We must be able to find in your ads everything that best describes your goods or spaces.

You fill in a description offering the maximum detail, you can also add photos and / or a video, and even a 360 ° tour to illustrate your ad.

Add also the equipment, the possible services and if you are concerned, the price of catering that you can offer.

Your ads must allow professionals and individuals to see the property or space you are making available.

We are here to help you

Throughout your experience on the site, AirforB.com provides you with tips and tricks to make your steps as easy as possible.

You can also ask for help with our "helpdesk Air for B" system at the bottom of each page of our site.