Be professional


Check that the pictures of the workspace or good you are proposing are compliants and representatives. Also be vigilant about the equipments you offer (e.g : number of rooms, surface area, availability). A detailed description will ensure you good reviews.


Answer questions from members as soon as you can. Indeed, a response time which is less than H24 shows your seriousness.


Update regularly your calendar so that the dates offered to users are accurate and reflect the availability of the space.


Make sure you are able to accommodate before accepting a booking.
However if you had to cancel a booking (damage, burglary ...) do what you can to help the user of the property find another good or space.


Ensure your workspace or good is cleaned or in good conditions. Indeed, a cleaned space or a well working good is the insurance of benefiting from a word of mouth that will allows you to rent your property again quickly.


Make sure that the equipment promised at the time of booking and appearing on your ad is available and operational upon arrival of your customer who has booked your space.