VERSION 2 OF 12/08/2018

A World to Work offers the website, hereinafter called as the Site, a virtual space linking Owners who make their properties or goods availables to Members wishing to dispose of such properties on a short time.

By using the Site, each User accepts without reserve the General Conditions of Sale and Use, hereinafter the Conditions, described below.


These Conditions may be adapted over time.

Use of the Site after the modification date constitutes acknowledgment and acceptance of the changes made.

1.  Legal information

The Site is published and hosted by A World To Work SAS, with a capital of € 9,018, registered to the RCS of Lyon under the number 821 353 919, th head office is at 42 Chemin du Moulin Carron, Le Norly 1 Bât A2, 69130 Ecully, FRANCE.


2.  Definitions

·        User: means any person who uses the Site or any other service offered on the Site.

·       User Content: means the information given by the User in the different Site’s sections.

·        Member: means a User who has sign up on the Site, thus he is identified on the Site.

·        User of the property: means a Member which has indicated its acceptance of an Owner’s offer.

·        Owner: means a Member who make available goods on the Site.

·        User account: refers to the information which are necessary to identify a User on the Site and to access to areas reserved for Members.

·        Password: means confidential information that the User must keep secret, and which allows him to access to all the features of the Site.

·        Site : means the website

3.  Use of the Service

The acces to the Site is free of charge to any User with an Internet access. All costs associated with the Site’s access, (the costs of materials, softwares or Internet) are the sole responsibility of the User. He is solely responsible for the proper functioning of his informatical equipment as well as his access to the Internet.

Only members can access to some features, e.g. listing an ad is possible only after registration.

4.  User account

In order to register and benefit from the service offered by the Site, each Member must first create a User Account, by providing personal and professional information concerning him / her, essential to the proper functioning of the link between members (e.g. date of birth, civility, first name, last name, telephone number, valid e-mail address, information about their company, position in the company).

Members certify they are over 18 years old at the registration’s time.

In no case A World To Work be held responsible for any information provided by Members that may be erroneous or fraudulent.

5.  Rates

·        Rates related to the publication of an advertisement by the Owners

The publication of an advertisement by the Owners on the Site is free of charge.


·        Commission on the benefits amount received by the Owners

The amount of the provision of goods available on the Site will be paid via the PayPal payment platform.

In the event that the Owner or the User of the property wishes to use the Site for the linking, the Site will receive a commission of 5% on the amount excluding VAT of the provision of the goods for the services rendered. intermediation, payment intermediary and hosting of the technical infrastructure.


New: It is now authorized for the Property User to contact the Owner directly to reserve a workspace or reception, in this case there is no commission perceived by the Site. In this case the company A World to Work is not responsible for any disputes that may arise between the Owner and the User of the property.


Who pays this commission?

Either the owner or the user of the space, it is the acronym SF0 that makes the difference!

The acronym SF0 appears in the ad, in this case, the owner has made the choice to pay the site commission, the user therefore only pays the amounts indicated in the ad.


The acronym SF0 does not appear in the ad, in which case it is the user who pays the commission of the site.


Announcement with SF0:

You want to reserve 3 days a space, the acronym SF0 is present in the announcement, the price per day is 100 € HT, you will pay 300 € HT (+ VAT).


Announcement without SF0:

You want to reserve 3 days space, the acronym SF0 is not present in the ad, the price per day is 100 € HT, you will pay in this case 315 € HT (+ VAT).


Different paid options may also be offered by the Site, the price of the options is generally indicated on the web pages of these options. The Site can provide full rates on request by email.


6.  Intellectual Property

The Site, its domain name, the associated trademark and all the contents offered by the Site belong exclusively to Air for B.

The User is solely responsible for the User Content that he posts online via the Site, as well as the texts and / or opinions he formulates. In particular, he commits to ensure that his data are not likely to affect the legitimate interests of any third party, he commits to not upload and transmit photographs or videos containing identifiable persons who don’t want to. As such, he insures A World to Work against any and all claims, whether directly or indirectly based on his words and / or data, which may be brought by any person against him. He commits to make the payment of the sums and any legal costs that may result.

The User grants to A World to Work a non-exclusive worldwide license for the entire term of protection of intellectual property rights relating to exploitation, reproduction, representation, adaptation rights and sublicenses on all the User Content that it posts on the Site (texts, photographs, videos ...). This license is granted on any support, for any format and any technical processes known to date or to come.

A World to Work reserves the right to remove, in wholly or in part, User Content at any time and for any reason without notice or justification. The User cannot raise any claim in this respect.

7.  Privacy Policy

The data collection and processing of personal information, carried out with the Site, are carried out in accordance with the law n ° 78-17 of January 6, 1978 relating to data processing, files and freedoms, known as Law "Informatique et Libertés ". Thus, the website is the subject of a declaration to the CNIL under number 02036671 v 0.

8.  Removing an ad

A World to Work reserves the right to remove from the Site and cancel all transactions that have been made or which are linked to advertisements or users that do not meet the following conditions:

·         Anonymity of the advertisement (name, address, logo, telephone number or any element which allows to identify the customer in the content of the ad, text, photos or videos) without subscribing to the Visible address option.

·         Services / prices which are not in compliance with the advertisement

·         Non-payment of sums due to the Site

·         Decency of photos or videos

·         Fraudulent use of the Site


9.  Limitation of Responsability is a Site of publishing professional advertisements for office spaces, meeting rooms and any type of professional space available at the disposal of a User.

The advertisements on the Site come from Members, A World to Work cannot guarantee the exactitude or pertinence of these advertisements, and assumes no responsibility for the exactitude of the information provided on

In addition, the User commits to indemnify A World to Work against any adverse consequences directly or indirectly related to the use of the Site, particularly in the case of inaccurate information that has harmed Air for B.

The Password chosen by the Member is personal and confidential. He commits to keep it secret, not to disclose it in any form and to take all measures which are necessary to protect its data against any attack.

However, A World to Work will use the necessary means to ensure the security and confidentiality of the data transmitted. The User is informed that one or more cookies containing no personal information may be placed on the User's hard disk to insure identification.

The User admits to be aware of the Internet’s limits and constraints and, as such, recognizes the impossibility of a total security guarantee of the exchanges of data. Notwithstanding any contrary clause, A World to Work shall not be responsible for damages resulting from the transmission of any information, including that of its User name and / or password via the Site.

The User agrees to comply with all laws and regulations in force in France.

Insofar as any control is exerted on external resources to the Site such as hyperlinks to Websites published and / or managed by third parties which could be contained in the advertisements posted on the Site, the User recognizes that A World to Work assumes no responsibility for the availability of these resources in any way whatsoever, and can not be held responsible in particular for their content.

Inasmuch as A World to Work is a third party to the contract for the provision of space between the Owner and the User of the property through the Site, no responsability shall be assumed to A World to Work for Provision of good.

In no event shall A World to Work be liable concerning the User for any indirect and / or intangible damage. By express agreement, are considered as indirect and / or immaterial prejudice any commercial damage, any image damage, any profits loss, results, productivity, turnover, clientele, order… Any action directed against the User by a third party is considered as an indirect damage and therefore does not entitle A World to Work to compensation.

A World to Work shall not be liable for any damages whatsoever resulting from the unavailability of the Site or any use of the Site.

If however for any reason the responsability of A World to Work was to be incurred concerning the User, it would be limited to a sum of €40 for all the damages suffered by the User, subjected to the communication by the User to A World to Work within 8 working days the elements which proving the fault of Air for B, its harm and the causal link.

Users who have become Members by signing up through a social network can not change their password, which is managed by the social network.

The Site is currently opened in Beta mode, this means that the Site is still in development. Dysfunctions may appear on different pages of the Site. A World to Work is doing its utmost to correct these malfunctions as soon as it becomes aware of them.

Users agree to immediately inform the Site and agree to suffer any consequences.

In order to carry out functional tests, A World to Work regularly creates fake advertisements, which indicate the fake nature is ostentatiously indicated therefore the goods of these advertisements can not be made available, no payment, no reservation can not be considered real or due to a User or Member of the Site. Any operation (booking, request for information…) concerning these dummy advertisements will be systematically canceled without any prejudice being caused by the Site.

10.  Duration

This use contract of the Site is concluded for an indefinite period as long as the Member is registered on the Site. His termination may be made at any time at his initiative by making a request by email with the same address used for the creation of the account or by sending a letter with acknowledgment of receipt.

In addition, A World to Work is authorized, which the Member already authorizes, to terminate the present contract of use of the Site unilaterally, immediately, without any compensation of any kind being due, in any capacity whatsoever, in the event of non-compliance by the Member with the obligations contained herein.

11.  Law - Court of Competent Jurisdiction

These Terms and Conditions are governed by French law.

Any litigation concerning their execution and / or interpretation will be subject to the jurisdiction of the Lyon’s Commercial Court.

12.  Contact email addresses

You can reach the sales department at this email address:

You can contact the support department at this email address:

For other question please contact the following address :